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Be the News: A Guide to Going Viral with your Human Interest Story

Have you ever dreamed of going viral? Not just on YouTube, but like wildfire across all media, including radio, television and the world's most important newspapers and magazines?

Be the News is the ONLY how-to book that will teach you how to promote your human interest story so it becomes a national discussion.

Beyond standard public relations strategies, Be the News guides readers towards speaking to the media to create precedent-setting national debates in the media. The essay "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" which appeared in the days right after the tragedy in Newtown, Ct is one such.

How can what you have to say and share go viral?

Be the News will teach you about:

  • Creating a mission for your messaging

  • Pitching your story

  • Developing and delivering viral sound bites

  • Aligning with topics of interest that are already in the news

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of tabloid journalism

Plus, the new 2nd edition features a full featured resource section with hands-on support for writing and distributing press releases, culling media lists, and more!

Be the News: A Guide to Going Viral With Your Human Interest Story is written by seasoned marketing strategist, Lori Gertz, who learned firsthand how the media acts when it is made aware of a story it can sink its teeth into. Her experience managing her client's public relations campaigns just didn't compare to her experience becoming the news in a viral way.

Gertz's personal retelling of how her family became the subject of a media frenzy after they went public to create awareness around the heartbreaking issue of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and parenting mental illness is woven throughout this thought provoking book illustrating both examples of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when you aim to Be the News.

With this step by step guide to going viral with your story, more people can stand up for their right to effect change and make a difference. So go ahead, think about going viral, but don't do anything until you read Be the News. It will prepare you in a way no other book will.

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Be the News today.

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