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Expert Content Writer

Engaging Web Content Writing to Tell Your Brand Story

The ultimate goal of your website is to tell your unique story and entice your audience to pick up what you're putting down, right? That's where fantastic web content that was born to convert & create brand love comes in. A content writer's job is to craft killer web content that makes your digital footprint as extraordinary as your business actually is. 


My specialties are:

- Conversational web content that is both SEO-friendly and human-centric.

- Robust buyer personas that light the way for hyper-targeted marketing.

- Landing pages that sell, sell, sell beautifully.

- Educational blog articles that are designed to grab & hold attention.

- Competitor Research

- Content Audit and Inventory

- Content Mapping

- Content Creation (blog writing, web page content, infographics, audio and video editing)

- Email Marketing

- Content Promotion (social media, SEO)

- Marketing Automation (automated email sequences)

- Content Performance Tracking and Analysis

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