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Social Media Development and Management

Strategy, Content (Author), Management, and Social Ads, for all mainstream Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn).


With a passion for finding out what makes your target audience 'tick' and how to create a campaign/message/piece of content, I will engage them with your brand. Weaving together data and in-depth knowledge of social media and technology trends is my superpower and with it, I create and implement impact filled strategies, designs, and content with measurable engagement and results.


My specialties are:

- Conversational web content that is both SEO-friendly and human-centric.

- Robust buyer personas that light the way for hyper-targeted marketing.

- Landing pages that sell, sell, sell beautifully.

- Educational blog articles that are designed to grab & hold attention.

- Competitor Research

- Content Audit and Inventory

- Content Mapping

- Content Creation (blog writing, web page content, infographics, audio and video editing)

- Email Marketing

- Content Promotion (social media, SEO)

- Marketing Automation (automated email sequences)

- Content Performance Tracking and Analysis

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